What is a Career Portfolio: Part 2

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Career portfolio photos can convey what words cannot! Use them to your advantage.

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The goal in conducting a job search is to differentiate yourself from the other candidates, and using a portfolio to substantiate your career is a powerful way to set yourself apart. This is a chance for you to demonstrate your value visually! ‘Before and After’ pictures are powerful. Think of the typical audience if you are seeking a job in the golf and turf industry. Particularly in the private golf club industry, the typical greens committee member has a high level of understanding of golf, but NOT a high level of understanding what it takes to maintain a golf course. Photos can convey what words cannot! Use them to your advantage.

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Ideas of when and how to use your portfolio in conducting a job search:

  • List your career website, LinkedIn Profile, or Twitter account in your contact information or in your reference listing.
  • Reference your online portfolio in your cover letter and invite them to learn more about what you offer to a particular facility.
  • Use a PowerPoint or Keynote during an interview to substantiate your claims and give visual examples when you are describing achievements related to turf and course conditioning.
  • Reference your blog or twitter account as an example of the many ways you professionally communicate with your customers/members/golfers. (Remember everyone will say that they have great communication skills – give an example to set you apart)

Let’s learn from the experience of other professionals in the golf and turf industry. How have you used career portfolios to conduct a successful job search? Let us know! @careergolf   #CarolCareerTips


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