What is a Career Portfolio: Part 3

by • 6 years ago

A Career Portfolio is not just a tool to use when you are conducting a job search. These powerful digital tools can greatly enhance your current role and can play an important role as you plan your career advancement. A Portfolio could be a Career Website, Blog, PowerPoint, Keynote, files on a flash drive, or even a hard copy prepared document.

Ideas of when and how to use digital tools to enhance your current job:

  • Use a PowerPoint or Keynote during your annual evaluation to remind your manager of the challenges, achievements, and ways you contributed to the overall success of your facility. Remember – photos are powerful. Don’t forget to take a photo before you start a visible project.
  • Start a blog or Twitter account to provide another avenue of communication with your customers. What a great way to be proactive, keep your customers informed, and prevent conflict. For example, golfers will be alerted about a frost delay before they arrive at the golf course and can plan accordingly.
  • Create a Career Website to link with your facility’s website. What a great marketing tool for your membership manager to help set your facility apart. Demonstrate your professionalism and competence in being trusted by your customers/members to take care of the facility’s largest asset. As you are creating and updating your website, be sure to not include a resume or use language that appears to be part of a job search in this type of portfolio application.

Let’s learn from the experience of other professionals in the golf and turf industry. How have you used career portfolios to enhance your current role? Let us know! @careergolf   #CarolCareerTips


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