Golf Industry Show BINGO returns

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Welcome to Turf Republic's Golf Industry Show BINGO sponsored by Coursevision

Welcome to Turf Republic’s Golf Industry Show BINGO sponsored by Coursevision (@JeffRyan).  We hope you are attending the Golf Industry Show this year but even if your not, we welcome you to join us playing BINGO.  The winner of Turf Republic BINGO will win a 16Gig iPad Mini Retina (Wifi only). Signing up to play BINGO is simple and easy!  Simply complete the entry form provided in the link below.

Register for BINGO HERE

Once you complete the registration you will receive ONE Bingo sheet containing four Bingo plays within 24 hours.  You will be playing all four Bingo cards at one time as we are only playing ONCE. Below is a sample card you will receive.

GIS Bingo 15 Sample
Anyone completing the registration form prior to 8pm Friday, February 2oth will be eligible to play.  You do NOT need to be at the Golf Industry show to play.  We have a limited amount of BINGO cards so register early!  Once the cards are out the game is FULL.

How to PLAY:
Playing is SUPER easy!  First complete the registration form HERE.  We will send you your play card within 24 hours.  You can print your Bingo play card or simple save it on your iPad and use an annotation program to mark off any blocks that are called off.  We will make 8 BINGO calls per day beginning February 23rd and February 27th between 9am EST and 5pm EST.  Each call will be made over our Twitter handle @TurfRepublic with the hashtags #TRBingo AND #GIS15.  We encourage you to save these hashtags so you can search to see if you missed a call.  We will continue to make calls until we have a BINGO.

How to WIN!
You will have a winning Bingo card if you have one FULL row across filled in.  Sample winning card below.  The FIRST and ONLY first to call BINGO will win.  The first to do this will win a 16Gig iPad Mini Retina (Wifi only). To announce your BINGO you MUST tweet to our handle @Turfrepublic with “I have a BINGO #TRBingo #GIS15”.  We will contact you to confirm using the special code on your bingo card.  If you do not tweet this or you are NOT the first, you do not win!  Each tweet is timestamped so if we don’t respond to you right away, we can tell who won first by the time of the tweet.  If a false bingo is called, we will either contact the next person who tweeted us or continue calling until a winner is determined.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 5.35.05 AM
If you are attending this year’s Golf Industry Show take a moment to visit booth 7129 and thank your sponsor Coursevsion.  Owner of Coursevision JeffRyan @JeffRyan will be part of the Syngenta booth this year at the show.

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