OnGolf Partners with IBM’s The Weather Company for OnGolf 2.0

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OnGolf, the industry’s leading and first cloud-based performance optimization platform for improving golf course management, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with IBM and The Weather Company (IBM/TWC), the worldwide leader in superior weather intelligence. This latest OnGolf innovation will be featured in OnGolf 2.0 version to be released to the entire golf industry on October 24.

Weather influences have an enormous impact on the golf business. The addition of superior weather intelligence from IBM’s The Weather Company will offer OnGolf customers the most accurate and precise weather forecasting data available today. – OnGolf Founder & CEO Walt Norley

IBM/TWC supports mission-critical decisions of leading organizations in virtually every industry – from aviation to media, energy, transportation, insurance and retails. When you combine superior weather with the cognitive computing power of IBM, the result is an invaluable resource for golf course management – and a distinctive competitive advantage for OnGolf customers.

The new OnGolf 2.0 capability will provide:

  • Greater accuracy in weather forecasting — and greater trust that you’re making the best decisions where weather is concerned;
  • The ability to correlate weather intelligence with other operational practices and course conditions, like water, soil, pesticide, nutrient and equipment management;
  • Savings in labor costs, and water and chemical spending;
  • Improved playing conditions — and increased player loyalty and retention leading to increased revenues

IBM/TWC will be implemented into OnGolf’s newest version of it’s cloud-based 2.0 golf course operating platform. OnGolf 1.0 was released in the summer of 2015 and has already gained traction in North America with renowned golf facilities, top 100 courses and leading golf course management companies. OnGolf also integrates with a dozen other leading hardware and software providers, including weather stations, soil sensors, water pump stations, chemical/fertilizer management software, and other essential course management practices for optimization of; watering, chemical/nutrient and labor management all leading to economic efficiencies while improving playing conditions.

OnGolf Weather Forecasting in  OnGolf 2.0

IBM’s $2.5 billion acquisition of TWC earlier this year is a validation of how critical weather is to almost every industry in the world, and especially in golf for course maintenance and revenue planning. Greater accuracy in forecasting, and trusting these forecasts, will allow customers the ability to correlate key weather variables with other conditions and practices.

This partnership is also a strong market statement with one of the top five brands in the world entering the golf course management side of the industry. IBM has been highly visible on PGA Tour and USGA televised tournaments for many years, so it is a logical progression to now see them make a difference in improving how courses can be managed. – OnGolf Founder & CEO Walt Norley

OnGolf, introduced in June, 2015, provides a new golf course operating solution which leads to cost-saving measures for course operators. In less than two golf seasons, OnGolf has identified more than $1 million in cost savings for its customers.

OnGolf was founded on the principle of “more with less” and data-system integration with significant input from industry veterans Matt Shaffer, Director of Grounds at Merion Golf Club, and Shawn Emerson, the Director of Grounds for Desert Mountain Golf Club who is the Chairman of OnGolf’s Advisory Board. The initial 1.0 technology was developed for the agricultural industry, and now 2.0 reflects the unique needs in golf course management.

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Previously, Norley was founder of the industry’s pioneering wireless soil sensing system, UgMO Technologies, which led to his continued interest in providing technological solutions which help golf course managers succeed in the highly competitive golf course management industry.

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OnGolf, headquartered in Wayne, PA, is the first and leading cloud based performance optimization software platform that integrates all essential golf course operational data into one place to help golf course operators manage their properties at a lower cost while improving playing conditions. Since launching in June 2015, the OnGolf solution has saved courses over $1million in water, chemical and labor spend, and has proven the values of improved playing conditions and time management efficiencies. Why not audit your time to see how it is wasted? We did this and we are now making massive improvements to the course!

The arrival of OnGolf 2.0 on October 24, 2016 allows both large multiple course operators and budgets of the size, the opportunity to manage economics, agronomics and playing conditions even more efficiently.

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