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Podcast: A look at CIVITAS TURF DEFENSEā„¢

Although not new to the turf market, CIVITAS TURF DEFENSEā„¢ brings non-traditial solutions to the turf industry in the areas of plant health and pest management.

Webinar: Summer Recovery and Fall Fertilization

Learn to maximize root growing season through fall fertilizer applications. Prepare the plant for the rigors of the coming summer by getting started this fall.

Mow and Go: UT Field Day kicks off in Nashville September 8th

The 2016 University of Tennessee field day kicks off September 8th in new location, Nashville, TN. We caught up with Dr. Jim Brosnan on this episode.

Tips for Beginning Sports Turf Managers: Part 1

Veteran sports turf managers of the Sports Turf Management Association provided some insight for those looking to enter the industry.

WATCH   Indemnify: A tool for the cool season turf manager

Bayer Indemnify on cool season turf Rob Golembiewski, part of the Bayer Green Solutions Team discusses the future use of Indemnify for cool season golf course superintendents and turf managers.

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