Dr. Doug Soldat

Soil compaction from a different perspective

Compaction, managing it is one of turf managers top tasks. Everyone knows that potential for soil compaction increases as the soil moisture increases.

Cool Ways to Access Soil Information

In an earlier post, we showed some of the powerful things you can do with the web soil survey on a desktop computer, but sometimes you need soil information when […]

Soil Sampling Depth is Critical

Soil sampling is pretty simple. Push the probe in, pull it back out and throw the soil in a bag, right? Close, but there are a few finer points that […]

What You Can Learn From Mapping Your Soil Moisture

More and more turf managers are using soil moisture probes to manage their soil moisture.

Using the Web Soil Survey to Evaluate Internal Drainage Potential

The Web Soil Survey is a useful web application that provides information about the drainage potential at a site.

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