Dr. Mike Fidanza

Daconil, One of The Best Known Fungicides in Turf

lee kozsey daconil Lee is better known for Daconil fungicide. Back in 1963, he was working in the laboratory that produced the very first pound of DAC-2787, know today as Daconil.

Soil Microorganisms, Phytobiomes, and Spring Break for Soil Nerds

soil microorganisms Soil health and the perpetual reference to sustainability leads us to the last frontier: the rootzone environment and its’ inhabitants of soil microorganisms.

The Pope’s Gardener

Recently I was invited to the Vatican in Rome, Italy, to visit the historic gardens – how that came about is another story for another time. The Gardens of Vatican […]

Measuring Soil Moisture is Big Business

Soil moisture sensors – in a variety of forms and products – are used in agriculture and horticulture to support crop and plant production systems, residential and commercial landscaping, grounds […]

The Classic Soil Science Textbook

Reading a soil science textbook is not the same as reading a book from the New York Times best sellers list.  There’s no “Fifty Shades of Soil” to read that’s […]

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