Turf managers leading the way to avoid a water crisis

by • 4 years ago

Ted Talk provides innovative ways to avoid catastrophic drought. Turf managers are leading in solutions for solving the water crisis.

Practical solutions for the water crisis

Turf managers and golf course superintendents answered an unscientific poll on twitter, asking what resource are they most concerned about losing. Water was number one. As turf is made of over 90% water, we should be concerned with the potential for future scarcity of water.

Technologies over the last 5 years alone have provided golf course superintendents innovative solutions to manage moisture levels and apply water to turf much more precisely. Large green spaces like golf courses are often criticized for their use and consumption of water, when in fact they are some of the most efficient users.

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For this year’s Smart Irrigation Month, we wanted to pass along this great Ted Talk with Civil and Environmental Engineer, David Sedlak on 4 Ways We Can Avoid a Catastrophic Drought. Coming from an engineer, your initial thought is probably the feasibility of his solutions. However, we encourage you to take 18 mins and watch this video. It all makes sense.