Women in Turf

The mission of Women in Turf is to promote women leaders in the turf industry. Develop key leadership fundamentals and mentor women to shape a successful career.

Family Time

Many of us moms who have a crazy schedule are like super-moms! On top of working in the turf industry, we are the schedulers, family accountants, chiefs, keeper of the clean clothes, house organizer and cleaner, chauffer, referees, councillors, gardeners, and the list goes on.

The Good Turf Life

I have been asked a few times what it feels like to be a woman in this industry. Well, that’s a funny question. I didn’t know I am supposed to feel different than a man working in this industry.

Shape Your Positivity

In the turf industry those people you will see you throughout your career as we are a tight-knit-community, so always let it be a great impression!

Creating Conversation

Just starting a conversation isn’t always easy to do. Can you imagine what it’d be like to have a continuous ongoing talk with people who have similar interests and life goals?

Green Start Academy: An Extraordinary Experience

I first came across an application for the Green Start Academy via twitter. I knew at that moment I wanted to turn over every rock for possibilities to further my career and professional development, so I applied.

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