WATCH   Legacy: Hosting the TOUR Championship

by • 8 months ago
Ralph Kepple, CGCS sits down with us in Part 4 of Legacy to discuss hosting the TOUR Championship.

WATCH   Legacy: Renovation and the Tour

by • 9 months ago
Renovations began in 1994 under the architect Reese Jones. Even before the project was finished organizations saw the potential in the property to be a major player in professional golf. […]

Soil compaction from a different perspective

by • 9 months ago
Compaction, managing it is one of turf managers top tasks. Everyone knows that potential for soil compaction increases as the soil moisture increases.

WATCH   Rees Jones shares his vision on new East Lake Golf Club layout

by • 2 years ago
Rees Jones, shared his vision and thoughts on the renovation tied to the reversing of the nines at East Lake Golf Club for this past year’s TOUR Championship.
soil microorganisms

Soil Microorganisms, Phytobiomes, and Spring Break for Soil Nerds

by • 2 years ago
Soil health and the perpetual reference to sustainability leads us to the last frontier: the rootzone environment and its’ inhabitants of soil microorganisms.



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