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Better Billy Bunker: Contractor Rolled In

The contractor rolled into town and got right to work. First they got their equipment ready by changing out the road tires to turf tires followed by a tour of the golf course. We established routes for the trucks and showed them all the areas we would be using to dump the old materials that would be removed from the existing bunkers. After establishing the ground rules, the crew of eight started to remove the sand, gravel, and old liners.

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The speed at which these guys work was unbelievable. Everyone knew what there job was. The equipment operators were highly experienced and proficient. These guys make this look easy. Within an hour they had cleaned out the first bunker to the clay sub grade. Drainage was checked by flooding the lines. Soon after finishing with the clean out, workers started to place fresh gravel in the bunker. The gravel we used was locally sourced #9 limestone gravel. A minimum of two inches of gravel should be used; but more can be used to build up or reshape the bottom of the bunker. Gravel went into the bunkers with the same precision and speed as the old material had come out. Within half an hour the gravel had been delivered and distributed throughout the bottom of the bunker.