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GT AirInject Unveils Air2HP Portable Aerifier Tool at GIE+Expo 16

This week at the Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE-EXPO), GT AirInject, Inc., unveils its newest product—the Air2HP portable aerifier tool. The Air2HP is an innovative and convenient portable aerifier tool positioned to revolutionize the way turf facilities ease compaction, increase drainage and aerify.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”u7bS7″ via=”no” ]The Air2HP makes the benefits of aerification more portable, accessible and affordable to landscaping companies. @Air2g2Aeration[/ctt]

The Air2HP may be used to quickly and easily spot-treat lawns, and to increase drainage, aerify and ease compaction on lawns, in flowerbeds, around tree roots, and in sand bunkers. The Air2HP may also be used on golf courses and sports fields. The Air2HP is introduced as a cost-effective counterpart to the company’s popular aerification machine, the Air2G2.

The Air2HP makes the benefits of aerification more portable, accessible and affordable to landscaping companies. Based on the success of the Air2G2, we knew that we needed to provide our customers with a portable, handheld tool for aerification. The result is the Air2HP. – Glen Black, president of GT AirInject, Inc

Air2HP with Air2G2

The Air2HP is a handheld device that uses a single probe to inject air beneath the surface of the turf. It fractures compacted soil as far as 40-inches beneath the surface, allows root systems access to air and improves drainage. It can be used to aerate tight spaces such as flowerbeds and tree bases, as well as for spot treatments on turf and in sand bunkers. The Air2HP does not disrupt the surface of the turf, meaning that treated areas are ready for use immediately after aerification. The Air2HP requires an external air compressor, (135psi/1 hp/3 gal/2.4 scfm @ 90psi minimum) or may be used in conjunction with the Air2G2.

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In addition to these immediate benefits, the Air2HP creates optimal conditions for deeper root growth and increased microbial activity by forcing gas exchange within the soil. This increases drought tolerance, reduces the need for fertilizer, decreases the risk of harmful fungus and bacteria in the root zone, and improves cumulative turf health.

air2hp with air2g2 Glen Black

GT AirInject has two exhibit spaces at the GIE, Booth #28099 on the trade show floor, and an outdoor area where the company will be demonstrating the operation of both the Air2HP and Air2G2.

About GT AirInject

 GT AirInject, Inc., is based in Jacksonville, Florida. It is known worldwide for its widely successful aerification machine, the Air2G2, which is distributed internationally and is used at world class facilities such as West Point Military Academy, and by professional sports teams including the Chicago Cubs, Manchester United Football Club, The Boston Red Sox, and the Green Bay Packers who utilize both the Air2G2 on their field as well as the Air2HP around their shrubs, trees, and flower beds outside of Lambeau Field, along with many other sports teams and golf clubs. Visit:, email:, Phone: (904) 379-2243.