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Golf Industry Show: Technology to look for

The week the Golf Industry Show kicks off this morning. While many of you are sitting in seminars and sessions, we wanted to give you a little something to wet your appetite for the Trade Show on Wednesday and Thursday with a little technology preview.

It is great to see so many innovators that have found a problem and developed a solution. It is also great to see all of them in one place this week. There has been some great technology introduced this past year as well as many strong applications receiving updates.

Test Drive Technology Center

I invite you to come by the Test Drive Technology Center as I will kick off once again, this years Tech Tips on the Half. Giving you a rundown on the latest and greatest in apps and devices both in and out of the turf industry. Star Wars fans should definitely attend! I will also give a run down on the new products and the fantastic giveaways in the booth this year.

Bob Porter will be presenting in the booth as well. Bob has taken mobile automation to the next level and will give attendees a look into automating your shop. Tips on adding technology for security and savings on utilities.

Coverage System Application

A great application developed by a former Superintendent and Assistant team received some serious updates over the last several weeks. We talked about these updates in Big Updates for Coverage System Application. We encourage you to Playbooks for Golf in booth 4816 and talk with Matt or Greg on improving your IPM and BMP programs. Below is a list of just some of the updates.

DRAG & DROP PRODUCTS – On the Application Log, you can now drag and drop the entire section on a certain product to change its order in the list of products. You can also delete a specific product in its order on the log, making adjusting the loading order very easy even on cloned logs.

AUTOMATED & CUSTOMIZABLE TARGET PESTS – You’ll notice that the Target Pest field on your log is now a drop down list. This is a default list we have provided to each client as a starting point. Simply email Matt if you’d like to add/delete any target pest in the list custom to your course. With this new feature, you’ll be able to save time filling out logs, plus be able to filter any data in the system by the exact target pest. This is a multiple choice list so it’s easy to select more than one pest at a time.

ASB TaskTracker

Yet another great technology application for the industry developed by yet another industry tandem. Gerald Flaherty, CGCS and Jaime Sharp won Turf Republic’s Excellence in Innovation Award last year for their development of ASB TaskTracker.  Not just a digital job board, but a job board that will track your labor and provide real-time payroll reporting right from your mobile device. If you are looking for a turnkey job board and don’t want to spend the sweat equity, this is your solution. Be sure to stop by booth 4606 to receive a demo.

POGO Turf Pro

POGO made it’s introduction at the show in San Antonio and has quickly penetrated (no pun intended) the industry with a vast amount of tools beyond moisture management. I will be demoing the POGO tomorrow in my technology workshop Take it Outside: Steps on Becoming a Mobile Superintendent from 8am to Noon.

Simply put The POGO system is a holistic approach to measuring the most influential factors that ultimately determine course quality and turf performance. It’s patented sensor is unparalleled in precision and accuracy. Be sure to stop by and check them out in booth 4251


Launching at this year’s show is Basemapp. A program that integrates interactive maps to streamline your golf course management and increase your productivity. Be sure to stop by booth 5002 and check them out. Basemapp interviewed over 100 golf course superintendents to develop an easy-to-use management system to help you and your team:

* Increase productivity
* Simplify your work load
* Manage data effectively
* Take control of budgets
* Improve communication

Basemapp’s toolkit:

* Real-time maps
* Asset and maintenance records
* Job boards and calendars
* Application calculators and records
* Nutrient and product analysis
* Total budget management

There is a quick look at some of the technology that will be showcased at this year’s show. To find all the technology displayed around the Trade Show floor, be sure to download the GIS Mobile App. On the homepage of the app utilize the Global Search feature and enter the word “Technology”.

We look forward to seeing you on the floor this week. Be sure to check out Turf Republic’s Golf Industry Show Coverage to keep up-to-date with all the happenings.

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